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Our elements


Our elements:

Each product made as fashion style but healthy, adding the magnets (above 2000guass force after finished), high-purity metal germanium ball, negative ion power, far infrared power or tourmaline power.


T he Usage of Negative ion :
1. It effects on the nervous system. Can make the cerebral cortex function and mental activity strengthened, spirits, work efficiency increase, can improve sleep quality.
2. It  effects on the cardiovascular system.
3. It impacts on the blood system.


The Usage of Far infrared :
1. The expansion of the lymphatic vessels, accelerate lymph flow, improve immune function;
2. Dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow and oxygen supply, fall blood pressure, stroke, preventing another stroke and cleanse the blood;
3. Remove acid, eliminate fatigue, aging supplement energy, save the energy consumption;
4. Invigorate the circulation of blood, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, accelerate wound healing;
5. Promote peristalsis of intestines and stomach.


The Usage of Tourmaline :
1. Activate cells, inhibit aging and prolong life span;
2. Change of acid constitution;
3. Adjust the metabolism and endocrine balance;
4. Increase the ability to resist the free radicals;
5. Increase the body's detoxification function;
6. Strengthen the function of viscera.
7. Inhibition of harmful pathogenic organisms on the body of the damage;
8. Enhance immunity;
9.Help through main and collateral channels, promoting blood circulation.



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